Group Therapy

1969 – 1972 High School Oxon Hill, Maryland

Jeff Walters (Guitar, Vocals), John McGee (Drums, Vocals), Ken Cleaver (Bass, Vocals) Brian Scott (Keyboards)

Song List Titles

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  1. Wastin Time
  2. Rock-n-Roll Woman
  3. Far Too Lonely
  4. Please Everybody
  5. You Can Find Yourself

All songs written by various members of the group. Recorded live on TEAC reel to reel tape deck, 1971-72 by Fred Creace of WKRAP radio.

Photo Gallery

— The Band

Group Therapy

Jeff Walters

John McGee

Ken Cleaver

Brian Scott

Members of the group at Brian’s wedding 1976

— Memorabilia

Brian Scott High School Picture

Draft Card

High School Button

Jeff Ken PA Rental Agreement

PA Sale Receipt

Zavarellas Ampeg

Andrews AFB Contract Hair Above Collar

Bell Bottoms Uniform 1969

Rabbit productions band list

Brians Gear 1971

Library Thank You Letter

Teenage Splash Party

Common property of GT 1/2

Common property of GT 2/2

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Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

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Burroughs Contract

J Hanson Contract

OH Jr Teen Club 1972 Contract

OH Var Cheer 1972 Contract

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Tucker Road Halloween Contract

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Battle of the Bands

TRoad Flyer 1972

Patuxent Naval Base Calendar 1971

Patuxent Naval Base Calendar 1970

TRoad Flyer 1970

TRoad Flyer 1971

Tucker Road Rock & Soul Show 1971

Group Therapy Gigs 1969-1972

Group Therapy Gigs 1969-1972

Group Therapy Gigs 1969-1972

Group Therapy Gigs 1969-1972

Group Therapy Gigs 1969-1972

Oxon Hill Library poster

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PAX Set List 1970

Tucker Road Set List 1971

Tucker Road Set List 1971